Our Services

Corporate Picture Framing

Hlanganani Framing can turn your office environment into a more welcoming professional space by framing specialised art or pictures that tie in with your existing look and feel, keeping everything consistent.


Gone are the days of using prestik and having your paint peeled off the wall! Hlanganani Framing can professionally frame your posters at an affordable price turning your poster into a piece of art!


Big or small Hlanganani Framing can custom frame any mirror to match any space. You imagine it, we create it! Hlanganani Framing has created beautiful custom mirrors that can double up as an art piece in any space.

Designing, Printing & Framing of Certificates

Hlanganani Framing offers the service of designing, printing and framing any certificates and service awards, taking the hassle out of the task.

Original Artwork Framing

Traditional Picture framing encompasses a wide variety of framing techniques and design scope, leaving our clients with an endless variety of framing combinations capable of fulfilling the wildest imagination.

Hlanganani Picture Framing have one of the largest selection of frames on offer ranging from dramatic gilded frames to simple budget frames at affordable rates.

Box Framing

Box Framing is a modern way of framing. It creates a minimalistic look and places more focus on the picture, art piece or memorabilia.

Box framing is a perfect look for a modern environment and creates an understated elegance. Box framing in recent years has become an increasingly popular way of framing due its clean lines and simplicity.

Shadow box framing is typically used when the object being framed is three dimensional in nature, for example your child’s first pair of shoes, the rugby ball used in the final match or even your wedding flowers as a little reminder in your house every day!

Colour Mount Boards

The Purpose of a mount board is two-fold, one to protect the image from touching the glass and secondly to visually enhance the picture by bringing elements of complimentary colour and design complementing the art work. Our wide variety of colour mount boards gives us the opportunity to bring the imaginative to life balancing both the picture and frame.

Floating Frames

Floating Frames usually referred to as double glass framing, is a framing technique in which the image is sandwiched between two pieces of glass thus giving an illusion that the picture is floating in thin air.
This type of framing is perfect if you wish to highlight the natural wall colour or background. This framing design works very well in a modern elegant environment.